We are pleased to announce that the IPIC2023 abstract submission deadline has been extended to June 30, granting you an additional four weeks to submit your abstract and showcase your research at IPIC2023 in Rotterdam.

The top three abstracts will not only receive a certificate but also be awarded a monetary prize. Additionally, the winners will have the privilege of presenting their posters in an exclusive congress session dedicated to showcasing exceptional research in the field.

Seize this unique opportunity to elevate your work, gain recognition, and make a meaningful impact in the field of Primary Immunodeficiencies.

IPIC2023 Abstract Categories:

  • Diagnosis and newborn screening advances
  • Autoinflammation and autoimmunity
  • Genetic diagnosis & other basic research
  • PID environment and quality of life
  • Malignancy in PIDs
  • Neurological and other types of comorbidities of PIDs
  • PID treatment advances (targeted therapies, curative therapies, novel immunoglobulins…)
  • COVID-19 and other infectious agents
  • Basic and translational research findings
  • The nurses’ perspectives on PID diagnosis and management
  • Other topics

Click here for more details on how to submit your abstract.

For questions about the abstract submission process, please contact IPIC2023@aimgroup.eu

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